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Universal Charging Station


Universal Charging StationThe Universal Charging Station has 4 x Changeable Charging Ports suitable for 99% of current models of Smartphones / Tablets including the Lightning Cable for iPhone 5 and above. Guests simply need to connect their device to charge on the soft surface bed or slot a tablet into the stand to view their device as it charges.


Universal Charging Station     


Universal Charging Station Description

Today's guests travel with multiple portable devices which are all being constantly used and drained on the go. With the Universal Charging Station you can give your guests piece of mind with the ability to charge up to 4 smartphones or 3 smartphones and a tablet simultaneously. Our Universal Charging Station is not limited to the guest room. Why not give your guests the option to charge up while waiting to book in with you at reception or other public areas.


  1. Sleek & Elegant piano black housing.
  2. Charging up to 4x Smartphones or 3x Smartphones + 1x Tablet simultaneously.
  3. 4x Changeable Charging Ports including the Lightning Cable for Apple devices.
  4. Built-in Protection Circuit prevents devices from excessive-charging and short circuit problem.
  5. Cleverly designed Tablet stand for best viewing angle and space-saving while your tablet is being charged.
  6. Soft surface hugs your smartphone like a glove.
  7. Branding options available.


Universal Charging Station

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