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AffinityThe Affinity offers all the same great features of the Harmony but is designed to install into a desk or tabletop. When not in use it can be closed to provide an elegant silver finish, flush with the desktop. It also features a retractable Thinlineâ„¢ Ethernet cable that pulls out for guest's use and retracts back when the guest is done.

Customise Your Affinity

Power Sockets

  1. French/Belgian
  2. German
  3. Italian
  4. Swiss
  5. American
  6. Australian
  7. Africa 6A/15A
  8. Israeli
  9. Danish
  10. Indian
  11. IEC 320 10A & 16A
  12. Wieland

Data, Telecommunications & AV Sockets

  1. RJ11 (Telephone shutter)
  2. RJ45 (Cat5e & Cat6)
  3. RJ45 (Data spool)
  4. Ethernet BNC
  5. Co Axial
  6. D Type Data (9pin)
  7. SVGA (15pin)
  8. 3.5mm Audio
  9. USB
  10. S Video
  11. Phono
  12. HDMI
  13. DVi

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