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Pull-Through Pro HDMI


ta-7300 deskhub-connectivity pullthrough-pro 4The Pull-Through Pro is a stylish and practical cable holder. Ideal for displaying and presenting single or multiple cables for power or media. We have paired with a 3.5m thin HDMI cable for connection to the guestroom TV. Roomcast installations can benefit from adding the HDMI cable to the rear port for an auto sensing guest-facing HDMI cable to plug and play their devices directly to the TV.
ta-7300 deskhub pull-through-pro 3
Enhance Guest Experiences

The Pull-Through Pro is the perfect companion for presenting multi-media or audio cables. Add guest facing audio or HDMI connection presented using this stylish black or silver cable holder. All Pull-Through products come with our exclusive DeskCard which allow you to advertise or supply user instructions for your guests to follow.


  1. Weighted so it stays in place when the cable is pulled.
  2. Guests can connect easily and play content on the TV.
  3. Prevent guests trying to access the rear of the TV.
  4. Built-in security options help prevent theft of base and/or cable.
  5. Stylish, low-profile design with minimal footprint on desk.
  6. Branding and customizing options available.
  7. Quick and easy installation.

Use with Roomcast™:
The Roomcast™ HDMI port provides an auto sensing connection for guests to plug and play their devices directly to the TV.
Read more about Roomcast™.

Pull-Through Pro

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