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Mini-Clip Range

mini-clip HDMI-DualUSB BLK-BM
Our Mini-Clip range includes sockets for USB charging, AV and data. This modular system is designed to the standard Euro Clip specification with 25mm and 50mm modules and allows you to build a panel to your own specification. Modules simply clip into the 50mm carrier / trim to complete the basic assembly. Alternatively, power sockets can be included by using the extender trim with PowerHub.

• Flush Mounts into wide range of furnishings, millwork, casegoods, and partition walls.
• Range of modules for AV, CAT6 and USB Charging / Pass-Through.
• Standard Euro Modules.
• Choice of module and trim colours.
• High Power 2.4A USB module with Smart Charging.
• Compatible with PowerHub using the Extender trim. Add power sockets with USB or Ethernet.




module 1USB Module
TA-3377-25BK, rubbery black
TA-3377-25WH, rubbery white

• 25mm Dual USB
• 1 x 2.4A + 1 x 1A / Data
• External PSU
• Power cable included
• Optional USB cable for data pass-through sold separately


TA-3377-50BK-WHUSB Module

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HDMI ModuleHDMI Module
TA-3371-25BK, rubbery black
TA-3371-25WH, rubbery white

• 25mm HDMI
• HDMI cable sold separately


Audio ModuleAudio Module
TA-3372-25BK, rubbery black
TA-3372-25WH, rubbery white

• 25mm Audio Jack (3.5mm)
• Audio cable sold separately


CAT6 ModuleCAT6 Module
TA-3374-25BK, rubbery black
TA-3374-25WH, rubbery white

• CAT6 25mm
• CAT6 socket on 5” flying lead
• Option to access 110 punch down block


Blank ModuleBlank Module
TA-3375-25BK, rubbery black
TA-3375-25WH, rubbery white

• Blank 25mm



Rubbery black / brushed metallic
mini-clip modules 50mm blk-alu
Rubbery black
mini-clip modules 50mm blk-blk
Rubbery white / brushed metallic
mini-clip modules 50mm wht-alu
Rubbery white
mini-clip modules 50mm wht-wht

Rubbery black / brushed metallic
mini-clip modules ext blk-alu
Rubbery black
mini-clip modules ext blk-blk
Rubbery white / brushed metallic
mini-clip modules ext wht-alu
Rubbery white
mini-clip modules ext wht-wht



Trim colour may differ to that shown on screen.

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